Tyrone Smith is a nationally recognized lecturer, author, leader, community activist and motivational speaker. After he retired from playing professional football, Tyrone dedicated his life to helping youth and young adults score in life by obtaining the tools needed to enhance academic, social and moral development.  Tyrone’s philosophy, which stresses educational prowess and proactive social behavior, helps today’s youth and young adults become the leaders of tomorrow.  Tyrone is a published author with the recent release of his book titled Outside The Huddle: Steps to Developing a Game Plan for Life. Outside the Huddle describes Tyrone’s heart-pounding journey from being an at-risk, inner city youth struggling in school with personal setbacks and yet making it to the NFL and life after football.  Tyrone attacks the issues today’s youth and young adults can relate to with an explosive message delivered through the lessons he has learned along the way.  This dynamic book is a must-read for anyone who wants to get motivated to live with purpose to overcome adversity. He is the Founder of First and Goal Incorporated, a non-profit organization that provides the support and resources to help youth succeed in life.

The Writer

Tyrone Smith aims to reach millions and desires to make a powerful impact on the world through his words. Providing a message for everyone of all ages, each book (both non-fiction and fiction), journal or workbook encourages personal growth and development. Because Tyrone remains full of ideas and writes from real experiences that people can relate to, he continues to challenge himself and hone his writing skills by exploring multiple genres, including self-help, children’s literature, and education. With each project inspiring a new project, there is always something to look forward to from Tyrone Smith “the writer”.

The Game Changer

Always seeking new ways to make a difference in the lives of others, Tyrone Smith uplifts and provides support for children, adolescents and adults through mentorship, lectures, books, and now a podcast as there is no limit to his reach. As a “Game Changer”, Tyrone helps others identify the power of their influence and their own ability to make a difference. He believes even the smallest change has the potential to make a large impact.

The Professional

As a professional Tyrone Smith emerges as a natural leader fueled by a great team that supports his drive and vision. Keeping his mission in focus as he pursues and executes his goals, Tyrone possesses a strong work ethic that allows him to thrive in any setting. He is eager to network and meet others as he approaches every encounter as a potential opportunity for growth. With a desire to reach an even larger audience, Tyrone has a growing presence on social media and utilizes the digital space to connect with his followers and influencers. He continues to expand his brand by creating new business ventures that reflect his passion for personal growth and social change.

The Visionary

Constantly evolving as both a professional and an individual, Tyrone Smith continues to seek knowledge to improve his craft not only to create new content but also to create new opportunities. Tyrone seeks inspiration from his personal experiences and the experiences of others to turn his dreams into visions—visions that will evoke change and influence the future.

The Speaker

Energetic, funny, dynamic, engaging, and charismatic are all terms that have been used when describing Tyrone Smith.  He blends all of these traits effortlessly as he shares from his own personal experiences, while giving valuable insights on how to overcome adversity to define your own definition of success. His passionate message yet down to earth style is able to reach a multitude of different personalities, and can relate to anyone who has ever wanted to reach for a dream.

The Motivator

Tyrone Smith uses his life experiences to teach that everyone has the ability to reach their fullest potential and create their own success.  He encourages others not to wait for an opportunity to present itself, but to make opportunities happen. With his extraordinary, encouraging spirit he inspires others to persevere through life’s challenges and to never sell short their own talents and abilities.  Whether the focus is building winning teams or developing individual success, his message of striving for nothing short of excellence is universal.

The Leader

Tyrone Smith has taken the outstanding leadership skills that he possesses, and developed programs to help others learn the secrets to successful leadership. As co-founder of First and Goal, Incorporated, Tyrone has had the opportunity to teach thousands the values of leadership, and how to become leaders in their personal and professional lives. His work with various groups has helped others not only gain the skills, but the confidence and character to become effective leaders.