Start a book club on your campus with former NFL player and author, Tyrone Smith’s book entitled Outside the Huddle – Steps to Developing a Game Plan for Life.

Outside the Huddle is Tyrone’s heart-pounding journey from a struggling, at-risk, inner city youth to becoming a first-generation college graduate, then earning his place in the National Football League and finally, recognizing his purpose in establishing an organization to help youth. Outside the Huddle delivers an explosive message detailing the lessons that Tyrone has learned throughout his life’s journey. This dynamic book is a must-read for anyone who wants to live life with purpose, overcome adversity and move into victory.

The Book Club is a series of book discussions, speaking engagements, and lectures to equip students with the knowledge, skills and resources necessary to plan and succeed in life.

The Book Club Discussion:

The Book Club discussions are designed to give an in-depth look into Outside the Huddle – Steps to Developing a Game Plan for Life and how it relates to today’s students. 

General Presentation:

The general presentations are designed for large audiences. The focus of the presentation is to motivate and encourage students to strive for success and personal growth. Tyrone’s goal with each presentation is to inspire today’s students to persevere through life’s challenges and to never underestimate their own dreams, talents and abilities to achieve the success they truly desire.  

Group Roundtable:

This roundtable is designed to facilitate a safe space for small group discussion or special focus groups consisting of students, campus leaders or campus organizations.

Author Visits:

Tyrone Smith also speaks at workshops, conferences, or charitable events. If you are interested in booking an author visit or starting a book club on your campus please contact us to discuss options that best suit your campus or student needs. 

Contact information:

Phone: (713) 571-9121

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