Former professional athlete now motivational speaker, mentor and author Tyrone Smith shares a message of hope and success in the book Outside the HuddleSteps to Developing a Game Plan for Life.  Using the valuable life lessons he gained along his journey through adolescence, college and ultimately the National Football League (NFL), Smith provides a relatable and intimate analysis of the significant events that shaped his life and also discusses the steps necessary to obtain and sustain a fulfilling and prosperous life.  Readers will follow the highs and lows of Smith’s personal, academic and professional life while simultaneously learning how to navigate the ever-changing course of their own lives.  Overall, readers will discover, define and execute their goals in life along the path to personal growth and success.

In Outside the HuddleSteps to Developing a Game Plan for Life, readers follow Tyrone Smith on his journey from childhood to adulthood.  Along the way, Smith encounters several life-changing events that affect his life both on and off the football field and ultimately shape his “game plan” for life.  Though Smith’s goals and dreams centered on football, Smith ultimately discovers his true purpose, helping others succeed, after a serious injury forces him to retire from the sport that greatly influenced his life.  The strength, will and determination Smith develops throughout his journey help him embrace his purpose as a part of the process that fuels his continuous growth.

Each chapter of Outside the Huddle follows one of the eight “Power Principles” Tyrone Smith identifies as key to creating and implementing a successful game plan for life.  Smith presents his most profound and memorable life experiences in relation to the major themes of each principle to assist readers in identifying and defining the relevance of the principles to their own lives, thus helping readers create a personalized template for a successful game plan.  In all, the game plan teaches individuals how to respond to their life experiences, which ultimately determines their outcome in life.

Outside the HuddleSteps to Developing a Game Plan for Life provides both a relatable story and a reliable resource for all individuals, particularly adolescents and young adults, in search of discovering or rediscovering their purpose in life.  Though everyone can achieve and exceed the goals they set for themselves, Tyrone Smith believes these goals cannot be achieved without discipline, commitment and persistence―the essence of a successful game plan for life.